Windows 94fbr

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk cracks user and admin password at seconds !

You can remove all lost Windows passwords or just a particular one. An independent bootable disk or USB stick is recorded to crack Windows user passwords. Decrypts password hashes encrypted with syskey.
windows 94fbr

Windows 94fbr

Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk

You can remove all lost Windows passwords or just a particular one. An independent bootable disk or USB stick is recorded to crack Windows user passwords.

Decrypts password hashes encrypted with syskey. How to unprotect Windows user account using a bootable disk In order to remove Windows user account password, or retrieve its hash, a reboot to another OS is required. The image of the disk contains a Linux-like operating system that should boot up your system and provide access to Windows system files. So, when the disk is created, all you need to do is to restart your system and boot from that disk or USB drive. Note that you may need to enable such type of booting in your BIOS settings.

The disk boots up and automatically launches the password restoration application that allows you to remove a password or save its hash to a text file. Or you may simply press F8 or F12 to show the boot device selection dialog. As soon as Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk launches, it displays a menu.

You can perform the following actions: In most cases, removing a password is enough to make your system available again. You will be able to log in without a password and work as usual. If for some reason you want to get back to previous security settings, select the second menu option and restore the old password. There will be no signs in your system that the password was ever removed. View and save hashes of Windows passwords Removing a password allows you to quickly restore access to the system, but often you also need to know the original password.

For this case Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk offers an option to view or save Windows password hashes. Technically, a hash is not a password itself. It is just like the table of contents in a book – a short compressed version of what is inside.

Instead of comparing passwords upon logon operation, the system calculates and compares hashes of those passwords. This provides additional level of security since the passwords are harder to intercept or log this way. However, the mathematical nature of a hash has a backdoor that allows to brute-force the password from a hash.

Practically, this means that using Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk you can try to recover original passwords from the saved hashes using some third-party crack tool like L0phtCrack. Though, such methods usually take long comparing with mere removal of the password which goes instantly , so we do not recommend brute-forcing a hash unless you really have to.

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Create a bootdisk and remove forgotten Windows passwords

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Windows 94fbr

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